At the invitation of a Cork priest, Fr. F. O’Connor and with the help of his brother who was a doctor, the Sisters set up in Cork in 1867 living initially in Dyke Parade, later moving to what is now the Cork Museum and finally to College Road, building their first Convent.

The Bon Secours Hospital in Cork was established in 1915, and the sisters still minister there today. The Sisters also established a Maternity Hospital in 1958 catering for over 2000 births each year. This was transferred to the new centralized Cork University Maternity Hospital in 2007.

While general and midwifery nursing became more hospital-based, Sisters of Bon Secours continued to minister to the local community. Establishing the first foundation for “Meals on Wheels” in Cork, Sisters of Bon Secours again responded to what they saw as a huge need to care for the poor, lonely and marginalised in their homes and today Sisters continue to minister to the needs of the local Community through parish visitation, pastoral and social service programmes.





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