In 1881, the congregation was invited to the Archdiocese of Baltimore by His Eminence Cardinal James Gibbons to establish a Health Care Ministry in Baltimore, Maryland.  By 1909, convents were established in Washington, D.C. and in Detroit, Michigan and other cities along the East coast.

The Sisters of Bon Secours provided the world's first recorded Formal Home Health Care Service as well as the First Day Care Facility in Baltimore in 1907 to help working mothers whose only alternative was to place their children in orphanages.

The Sisters have a long tradition of willingness to take risks in pursuit of innovation, growth and extension of mission. Today, the sisters practice   Healing and Spiritual Ministry in Hospitals, Hospices, Rehabilitation Centres, Wellness Centers, Clinics, Parishes, Long-Term Care Facilities, Home Care Agencies, Community Centres, and Social Service Organizations.  Sisters are Caregivers, Spiritual Directors, Chaplains, Mission Leaders, Administrators, Case Managers, Community Organizers, Counselors, Board Members, and more.


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