About Us

Since 1824 the Sisters of Bon Secours have brought compassion, healing and liberation to those they serve in a variety of settings: healthcare, education and social services, in hospitals, long-term care, clinics, parishes, in towns, cities and isolated villages.
Bon Secours respond to a universal need: providing care to all who suffer and give them a reason to live and a reason to hope.



Bon Secours – an International Congregation

The work of the Sisters of Bon Secours not only expanded around France, but also spread overseas. Our first foundation outside of France was in Ireland in 1861, followed in 1870 by an invitation to establish a convent in Britain and in 1881 the Sisters were invited to provide nursing care in Baltimore, USA. Sisters from Ireland established a foundation in Peru in 1966. Our newest foundation was established in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2021. 




You can view a TimeMap HERE to learn more about us 

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