Our Spirituality

As Sisters of Bon Secours, it is not really what each Sister does that is important, but that wherever we are, and whatever we do, that each of us is a witness of the presence of God’s "Good Help" to His people.  This is the belief behind what we do. We also recognize that we are very human and often broken people ourselves, and we too receive God’s healing and love from each other and from the people we serve. 

We are sent to continue the saving mission of Christ and to be witnesses to His Good News of love, justice, peace, hope and joy.

The Eucharist is the source of our unity with one another. We participate daily in the Eucharist when and where it is possible. We gather about the altar with the risen Lord worshipping the Father with Him, sharing His priesthood, listening to His word, receiving His life. Each Sister takes Christ with her to share the love that has been given to her.

We participate daily in the public prayer of the Church; we celebrate morning and evening prayer in common where possible.

We foster a life of prayer, meditative reading, especially of the Scriptures as the Gospel speaks to us. The Gospel speaks to us of Christ and imparts to us His spirit. God, who spoke to us through the prophets and His Son, continues to speak to us today. 



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