BREW132 NET Ministries Team

15 June, 2021





















Anita Sheahan, Evangelisation Officer with Dominicans Cork, Joe, Josh, Eva, Abby and Anne-Marie Whelan, Evangelisation Officer with Sisters of Bon Secours.

Congratulations to our Brew132 NET Ministries team who are finishing their time with us in Cork this week. It has been an absolute pleasure to journey with them and we wish Joe, Josh, Eva, Abby and Irene (not in photo) every blessing on the next part of their journey. May Our Lady of Bon Secours and St Joseph continue to protect and inspire you all. They have brought fun, laughs, prayer and friendship to all they have encountered in their time with us. Thank you to the religious communities in Cork, staff, volunteers and customers who continue to support the Brew132 cafe.

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