What does discernment mean?

Discernment is a spiritual exercise in which one tries to decide what God is calling one to in a specific instance, and allows one to take a decision freely.

Finding your vocation is quite different to choosing a career or selecting a course at college. The process of discovering your vocation in life is called "discernment" and is a word that describes the process of coming to understand how God is calling you and inviting you to serve Him. It is a spiritual and personal journey. It requires commitment of your time, your energy and yourself. You will take part in regular, prayerful reflection on questions such as: "Where is God calling me and drawing me in the events of my life and in the world around me?" You will explore everything from the style of decision making, to your relationship with family, friends and with God.

Here are some practical tips for discernment:

Firstly get into the habit of praying daily. Try to establish a period in the day when you can find silence. Be still and become aware of the presence of God. There are many people who are trained and who would be willing to accompany you on your journey.

Books on Discernment:

Discernment in Prayer - Paying Attention to God

William A. Barry, SJ; Ave Maria Press

Discernment: Seeking God in Every Situation

Chris Aridas; Living Flame

Discernment: The Art of Choosing Well

Pierre Wolff; Triumph Books

Faithful Listening: Discernment in Everyday Life

Joan Mueller; Sheed and Ward

Following God's Call; Scripture Meditations for Vocational Discernment

Judette Gallares; T.C.; Cenacle and Claretian Press

God's Passion Our Passion, The Only Way to Love... Everyday

Pierre Wolff; Triumph Books



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